Privacy Policy

The ISSA Vancouver Chapter has adopted the ISSA Privacy Notice ( as its own Chapter Privacy Notice. As a result of ISSA having chapters in almost 80 countries they have developed their Privacy Notice to reflect compliance with the privacy requirements of all these countries. As such it reflects a conservative approach to protecting individual privacy rights.

The Board of the ISSA Vancouver Chapter also feels that the ISSA Privacy Notice complies with:
Canadian: Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and
Province of British Columbia: Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

If at any time in the future the ISSA Vancouver Chapter Board changes its Privacy Notice we will post the changes on the Home page of our web site.

If you wish to advise the ISSA Vancouver Chapter Board of any violation of our own Privacy Notice please send an email with the details to . Our response and procedures for handling your advisement will proceed in accordance with those outlined in PIPA

ISSA Vancouver Chapter Board