May 1, 2003: Computer Crime - What every business needs to know

Bob Tremonti presents Susheel Gupta a token of thanks from the Chapter.

Guest Speaker - Susheel Gupta, Federal Department of Justice
On May 1st one of Canada's leading computer crime prosecutors, Susheel (Sush) Gupta, Prosecutor with the Federal Department of Justice, spoke to a capacity crowd in the Vancouver Chapter's May meeting. Sush spoke candidly on the crime trends he is witnessing, legal/investigation issues, and a few of the interesting cases he's encountered.

Sush is a Computer Crime Advisor who currently assists on prosecutions and investigations with the Federal, Provincial and Local governments and institutions. Sush is a director of POLCYB (The Society for the Policing of CyberSpace), publishes a daily Computer Crime Newsletter, and regularly instructs on the legal aspects of Cybercrime at the Canadian Police College. Sush is also a Training Coordinator for FPS on Computer Crime and works with the Department of Justice, the Federal/ Provincial/ Territorial Working Group on Cybercrime, and is a Canadian designate to task forces on Cybercrime with the FBI and the Secret Service.